Boiler Room Accessories and Upgrades


Our Custom Boilers Welding Services include:

  • Boiler Pressure Vessel Inspection & Repair
  • Boiler Watertube & Firetube Boiler Retubing
  • ASME Certified Code Welding
  • Boiler Process Piping
  • Turnkey Boiler, Auxiliary Equipment & Piping Installation
  • National Board “R” Stamp & ASME Code Repairs
  • 24-Hour Boiler Emergency Service


We can provide you with Boiler Control Upgrades such as:

  • Single Point Paralleling Positioning
  • Full Metering with Oxygen Trim
  • Combustion Control Systems
  • 3-Element Feedwater Control Systems
  • PLC-Based Burner Management Systems


Our Boiler Burner package consists of:

  • Low NOx burners ranging from 300 HP to 250,000 PPH
  • Some units capable of 9 PPM NOx emissions


Our Boiler Parts include:

  • Economizers (20,000 to 250,000 PPH)
  • Stacks (custom & modular designed to your specifications)
  • Transformers (100 KA to 50 MVA)
  • Fans (20,000 PPH to 250,000 PPH (Forced Draft))
  • Motors (75-1,000 HP, 480/2400/4160/3/60 Voltage)
  • Dampers (Variable Fan Inlet Vane; Butterfly Type & Opposed Blade Dampers available for applications from Combustion Air,
    Flue Gas and Flue Gas Re-circulation (FGR) Control)
  • Pumps (Single- and Multi-Stage Pumps for all Feedwater
    Pressure Requirements)
  • Dearators (15,000-300,000 PPH from ASME Dearators with Standard Trim to Complete Packaged Dearators, including Pumps, Motors, Stand, Control Panel, Motor Starters, Pre-Piped and Pre-Wired Ready for Hookup)


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