Engineered Boiler Rooms – Rooftop Packages and Concrete Enclosures

Engineered & Packaged Boiler Rooms

Delval Equipment Boiler can engineer a complete, permanently-enclosed packaged boiler room to meet your specific needs. The systems we engineer are constructed in either a rooftop package, or a pre-fabricated concrete and steel enclosure placed at ground-level next to an existing structure.

The entire steam or hot water system is piped and wired with all of the necessary ancillary equipment to have a complete operating system. We build the packaged boiler rooms at our shop and then drop it in place at your facility as a permanent installation. After we make a few simple connections to the building piping and electrical services, your packaged boiler room is ready to operate.

10' x 12' enclosure for (2) Copper-finned hydronic heating boilers

Skid Mounted Packaged Boilers

Pre-fabricated Steel Structure Boiler Room

Engineered Boiler Packages

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